Offgrid and Hybrid Systems

Offgrid and Hybrid Systems

Offgrid and Hybrid Systems

The offgrid and hybrid system where areas where the mains electricity is not available and the areas where the mains power is not economically used are developed systems to provide the energy needs of these areas.


• Residences far from settlements

• Emergency lighting systems

• Street lighting

• Irrigation systems

• Chlorine dosage systems

• GSM stations

Off Grid hybrid systems, such as those that are installed and operated as an option by our company to meet the electricity needs of distant places to electrical grid systems, are in such areas; The components we have installed at the maximum level are:

• Solar panels (solar module, Thin film Poly-crystalline and Monocrystalline technologies)

• Inverter (solar-inverter / magazine and inverter / magazine)

• Mounting constructions with solar panels

• Battery systems (Li-ion and lead-acid technology)

• Solar charge controllers (PWM charging method with MPPT)

• Solar pump drive

The technological integrity that develops in the way is one of the services that our company provides complicatedly.